To receive GPS location on your cell phone via text message:

If you use Waze, the location received via text message:


Getting in BUS:

San José – Quepos Several buses run from San Jose to Quepos throughout the day, including both direct and roundabout routes. Ask at the Coca Cola bus terminal in San Jose for exact times. The direct buses take about four hours, and the indirect option takes five hours. The bus costs under $8.
Quepos – El Silencio Every day, a bus leaves the Quepos bus terminal for El Silencio at 4:00 pm. On Tuesdays and Fridays an additional bus leaves at 12:30 pm. The bus takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. The cost is 1000 colons—like two dollars.

Buses running to Dominical and Uvita also run fairly often, and we can arrange a pickup from the Rio Savegre Bridge if you choose to take one of these buses.  Please call us if you need a pickup from that point.

There is of course also the possibility for us to pick you up in Quepos. Please let us know in time with which bus you will be arriving so we can arrange a ride for you.

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