About el Silencio


The land on which the property of El Silencio rests was formerly a banana plantation belonging to the United Fruit Company.

In 1955, 700 hectares of banana plantations were destroyed when the Rio Savegre flooded. Between 1955 and 1972, the United Fruit Company rented out the land. Though they had no claim to the land, the local farm workers were devoted to the region, occupying the land and farming it.

After much deliberation, the government subsequently sold the land to the local farm workers, who set up the cooperative as an ecotourism project. 42 families registered as official Associates of the cooperative, living and working together for a common cause, and Coopesilencio R.L. was subsequently founded in February 1973.

Since then, Coopesilencio has grown significantly, with over 80 families (approx. 500 people) benefiting from services such as schooling for all ages, a supermarket and coffee, offices, and various agricultural and eco-conservation projects.

In 1996, the eco-tourism business was launched with the construction of forest trails and a lodge, consisting of 10 cabins, a restaurant, and bar.

They have since established an animal rescue center that provides rehabilitation services for abandoned, maltreated, and injured animals in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica.

Canción El Silencio

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